Envroy Vietnam is a manufacturing enterprise that has a 100% Japanese investment, established in 2015 in Hoang Mai Industrial Zone, Dong Nam Economic Zone of Nghe An as an independent legal entity. Based on the research and accumulated experience from Japan, Envroy Vietnam is producing chlorine dioxide products that have been studied and used for many years in Japan.
Chlorine dioxide products are more effective and safe than previous air odor removal products, in Japan is focusing attention on measures against infectious diseases.

1. Japanese manufacturing technology.

  • Promote automation.

Operating the most modern lines, the production efficiency of Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company always reaches 98-100% with absolute accuracy. Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company promotes automation in production from extracting, inspecting and packaging products to printing packaging and labels. For example, the packaging of products into non-woven bags is carried out by an automatic machine with high productivity and precision, and the drying stage of products with VH-25 vibrating dryers originated from Japan.

  • Strict quality control system.

To ensure the absolute quality and safety of the product before it is released to the market, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company applies a strict quality control system at all stages, from the stage of checking raw materials, to the stage of quality control on each product in order to bring the best product.

  • Increased self-made..

Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company also promotes the manufacture of products with many different capacities and designs to suit different audiences and ranges, 100% designs, packaging, designed by the company. In addition, the company also focuses on researching and manufacturing some more machines in the production process at the factory.

  • Waste treatment system of quality – green – clean – advanced.

Nowadays, the problem of environmental pollution is increasing in the world. One of the causes of environmental pollution is the waste system from factories, manufacturers, hospitals, enterprises…

Therefore, investing a high cost into the waste treatment system before discharging into the environment is the company’s top priority when investing in Vietnam, creating a clean and beautiful green environment.

2. Good quality products, reasonable price and environmentally friendly.

Quality of Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products  CLODEWASH has been highly appreciated by many health organizations, customers and safety when using the product in many countries such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam. ..

Many customers assess: instead of buying products of the same quality from Japan at a cost of 2 to 3 times higher, customers should buy products made in Vietnam with 100% technology and raw materials imported from Japan. Using Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH is quite suitable with the standard of living in Vietnam.

3. Professionally trained staff.

At Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company, we are proud of having a team of professional staff who are not only good at their profession but also dedicated to our customers.

A pioneering enterprise – with Japanese technology that provides multifunctional deodorant products- CLODEWASH to ensure the health of everyone, not only in Vietnam, Japan but also reaching out to the world.

4. After-sales service and customer care process is dedicated and professional.

Customer service of our company:

  • Staff on hotline, fanpage, skype, zalo are ready to answer customer’s questions about prices and product policies 24/24.
  • Support customers fastest if problems arise about the product (such as torn, broken…)

Customer service after sales of our company:

  • Continuously organize promotions, gratitude to customers by month.
  • Giving gifts to customers on holidays, birthdays, end year…

5. Social responsibility.

Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company is proud to not only create many jobs for laborers in Hoang Mai Town but also participate in charitable programs and fundraising programs in cooperation with the Youth Union of Hoang Mai Town. Hoang Mai Department of Education and Training, Women’s Union, volunteer clubs in Hoang Mai Town and Nghe An Province.

Especially during the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company sponsored 200 liters of Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products  CLODEWASH for the Youth Union of Hoang Mai Town to donate at public hand washing points on the local.

Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company also presented 110 Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant card CLODEWASH and 110 Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH at Hoang Mai High School.

In addition, many cards and spray bottles were given to Quynh Loc Primary School, Quynh Lap commune delegation, Quynh Loc commune delegation, disadvantaged families in the locality, study abroad centers in Vinh City.