10:22  02/11/2020
The causes of the smell of musty
❤ Clothes, socks, towels
Clothing is an item that takes up a lot of space in the house, because it is something we often change to wear every day. Regular washing and drying almost every day will cause the home to accumulate steam, leading to moisture in the home and will cause unpleasant musty odors.
❤ Bed
As you probably know, the bed where we sleep every day actually contains a lot of bacteria and insects that the naked eye cannot see. Not only that, when we sleep, our body produces sweat and sticks to bed sheets, pillows, and blankets for a long time, which will cause mold.
❤ Carpets lining the floor
There are many different types of floor mats, such as small rugs for cleaning feet or large carpets in the bedroom or living room. These carpets all have a common feature that is difficult to wash. The most difficult is the large carpet. Sometimes you just want to throw it away and buy a new one. We often stomp on the carpet whether barefoot or wearing socks or sandals, stepping on the carpet a lot, and for a long time, will also generate mold.
❤ Curtains
Similar to carpets, curtains are also quite difficult to wash. In the rainy season when the water vapor comes from the raindrops, for a long time the curtains will become moist and smell.
❤ Sofa
The upholstered sofas are what can be said to be the habitats of bacteria. Sofa is almost a non-washable item, we can just vacuum or call service to clean it. If we accidentally dirty the sofa like fruit juice or food, we could only buy a new chair or wrap it up.
Simple way to solve the above problems
Use the Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH, or hanging bag in any space (8m2), 99.9% deodorizing.

Our Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH is based on ClO2 gas production mechanism and uses this ClO2 gas to conduct odor removal, bactericidal, and air purification, no other odors remain.

Unlike scented products on the market today, Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH absolutely does not use other scents to change the unpleasant odor.

  • With operation mechanism of ClO2 gas, you can avoid many viruses, bacteria, especially those with weak resistance or disease, children, the elderly and pregnant women.
  • With operation mechanism action of ClO2 gas, you can avoid the risk of spreading dangerous diseases from surrounding patients, especially respiratory diseases, influenza … without having to take many different drugs. Especially, you can limit the spread of diseases from the environment, objects around you when you contact the body, then, you can save on the cost of buying medicines and monthly medical bills, saving your time, you do not have to spend much time waiting for medical examinations at hospitals and clinics.

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