• Current situation of school sanitation issues:

In recent years, although from kindergarten to university level, we have always focused on educating the awareness of protecting the surrounding environment of students. However, the school environment pollution is still frequent, greatly affecting the learning and teaching activities of teachers and students.

The problem is most evident in many schools today, especially in underdeveloped rural, remote, and suburban areas, there are many substandard schools that remain numerous. Right from construction, the school is not well planned, resulting in inadequate use in the future. School facilities are inadequate, clean water is not guaranteed, there is no place to collect and treat garbage … It is always a problem of school administrators.

In particular, school toilets become an obsession for students. Many children do not dare to use it because it is stinking and not clean. They will often refrain from going to the toilet, which in turn will negatively affect the excretory system.

The state of school sanitation does not guarantee a great impact on the health and learning and teaching of students, teachers and school staff.

  • Why choose Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH  in the school environment?

Based on the above research, we propose to use Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH to increase the quality of customer service, to create the maximum confidence for teachers in the school and students, and at the same time. It is also contributing to the development of Vietnam’s Education sector.

Our Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH is based on ClO2 gas production mechanism and uses this ClO2 gas to conduct odor removal, bactericidal, and air purification, no other odors remain.

Unlike scented products on the market today,Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH absolutely does not use other scents to change the unpleasant odor.

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