10:33 01/09/2020

Quang Khoi General Hospital and Hoang Mai Town Medical Center cooperated with the Standing Committee of the Union to volunteer for public health, this is one of the series of practical activities to successfully celebrate the Town Party Congress. Second Hoang Mai, term 2020-2025.

Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company accompanies the medical examination and treatment and free medicine distribution at Quynh Vinh A Primary School on the morning of August 29, 2020 with 150 gifts, each gift includes 1 Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH 50ml and 1 Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant card CLODEWASH- Protect the health of Covid epidemic season.

Other businesses in the area of ​​Hoang Mai Town also accompany the chain of activities such as Phuong Ho Advertising Company which has sponsored the entire system of ceremonies, banners, propaganda slogans; Quang Khoi General Hospital, the Medical Center of Hoang Mai town sponsored medicines, tools and a force of physicians participating in medical examination and treatment for the people, the units accompanying the booth “sharing love “Phuong Mai Seafood Company, production facility Cuong Ngan fish sauce, Vietnam Algae Science and Technology Joint Stock Company, Bien Quynh Food Company, Northwest Green Chain Store, Youth Club for Economic Development …

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