08:30 | 04/08/2020

On the morning of August 4, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control reported information on 10 new cases of COVID-19, including 7 cases in Da Nang and 3 cases in Quang Nam related to Da Nang Hospital.

Specifically, cases from 643 – 645 (BN643 – 645): in Quang Nam, aged 35-67, are related to Da Nang Hospital. Including 1 patient in the Department of Internal Medicine – Neurology – Hematology, Danang Hospital; 2 patients are F1 of BN555 (Patient at Department of Neurology – Neurology, Da Nang Hospital).

Cases from 646 – 652 (BN646 – 652) aged 30-68, of which 1 patient was a health worker at Da Nang Hospital; 5 patients at Danang Hospital; One patient, F1, is in a concentrated isolation at the dormitory in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang.

As of 6am on 4/8, the country recorded a total of 652 cases of COVID-19, including 307 cases of isolated entry immediately. The number of new cases related to Da Nang from July 25 to now is 205.

The total number of close contacts and entry from the epidemic area is under health monitoring (isolation) is 133,279 cases. The number of cured cases was 374. 6 deaths, all with severe background illness.

Source: http://baochinhphu.vn/Suc-khoe/Sang-84-ghi-nhan-them-10-ca-mac-COVID19-tai-Quang-Nam-Da-Nang/403032.vgp

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