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City President. Hanoi suggested all units striving on August 2 to finish the quick test COVID-19 and buy 20,000 more quick test sets. Units need to work even in the evening but must meet epidemic control requirements.

City People’s Committee Chairman. Ha Noi Nguyen Duc Chung:  The initial negative cases are not 100% reassuring but still have to continue to quarantine and self-monitor the health – Photo: Gia Huy

Promptly detect cough, fever, difficulty breathing to monitor

On the afternoon of August 1, speaking at the meeting of the Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of COVID-19, Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung stated, up to now the city has reviewed and the results show that over 72,000 people have come to Da Nang. This proves that through the media, people have voluntarily complied and made medical reports.

“In fact, the two cases in Hanoi are voluntarily tested by people coming to the medical facility, which shows that the propaganda is the most important today”, emphasized City Chairman.

The President of the city also highly appreciated the units from the city to districts and districts that have strictly followed the instructions of the central and city levels, urgently reviewing the number of people coming from Da Nang, organizing tests. with quick spirit. Up to now, over 49,000 cases have been tested; 127 F1 cases were negative.

However, according to the President of TP, the rapid test to detect antibodies is only the initial assessment. Initially negative cases can not be 100% assured, but they still have to continue to isolate, self-monitor their health. When there is a fever or cough, they must immediately report to the medical facility to take samples for PRC testing.

Commenting on current weather developments with wet rain and decreasing temperature, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung said that this weather could lead to the spread of epidemics, so people need to continue to monitor their health and promptly develop showing symptoms of cough, fever, and shortness of breath to inform medical facilities for monitoring and testing.

The President of the city pointed out that the current lesson, the hospital environment is still the most dangerous place, so all medical facilities in the central and Hanoi areas need to follow proper prevention procedures. anti-epidemic such as: patient diversion, disinfection water, wearing a mask, temperature measurement, verification, medical declaration to patients. Hospitals that have departments in which patients with severe illness do not allow large numbers of relatives to visit …

Strive on August 2 to finish the test quickly

At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung asked the units to continue testing quickly in the districts, but need to clearly identify the people who came back from the translation area to test quickly; priority will be given to those who return from July 12 to July 15 because the number of quick tests in Hanoi is now 78,000 / 80,000. The City President asked the Department of Health to contact the Health Ministry to urgently buy another 20,000 more kits for quick testing.

“Try to strive to finish the quick test COVID-19 by August 2nd. The units need to work even at night, but must ensure the requirements of epidemic prevention, as well as propaganda so that people can proactively declare health care when returning from the epidemic area or showing signs of feverish cough, difficulty breathing. Contact immediately with medical facilities ”, the City President asked.

Recalling the problem is that in epidemic prevention: “It feels like a lot of work as much as possible, but after that, it’s still not enough” and from the fact that Da Nang has many difficulties when many cases lose track of F0 … , City President pointed out the risk of Hanoi when there is the largest number of elderly people in the country (accounting for 19% of the population); 2.2 million students; dense population; complicated travel.

“The fact that people are self-conscious about epidemic prevention is the number one important factor, all units must make efforts not to let the epidemic spread; Working continuously even on Sunday, the city will organize visits to urge the inspection ”, City Chairman raised the request.

Source: http://thanglong.chinhphu.vn/ha-noi-mua-them-20-000-bo-kit-phuc-vu-viec-test-nhanh

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