08:25 15/10/2020

Over the past few days, prolonged rain and storm, injury, going from outside to battery will bring unpleasant odors into the car. The measures below help to quickly remove damp and bad odors from the outside environment.

Find odors and deodorize

To get rid of odors quickly, you must first determine the cause and source of the odor. After cleaning the interior, but still seeing odors from the air-conditioner, the car floor … please spray the deodorant solutions on such places as air-conditioning slots, floor mats, then turn on the air conditioner, fan at the highest level and take the wind outside.

If the bad smell comes from the engine drill, open the hood and check the air-conditioning inlet for abnormal behavior. If so, treat it with a dedicated deodorant solution by spraying the air inlet with a sufficient amount, then start the car so that the air conditioning system works at the highest level so that the circulating solution removes odors.

The solution to this problem is to use our Japanese technology multi-function deodorants, especially for those allergic to artificial scents, or coffee scents. You can put a cloth bag in our deodorizer in your car to remove unpleasant odors from your car.

In any case, keeping the interior clean comes from the sense of its users. Every time you use the car, take a little time to clean the garbage, vacuum, and clean to keep the car clean. You can use our 300ml deodorant spray to spray deodorize and wipe the interior on the surface. Although you know the car is to go, to serve yourself, but if you do not take the trouble to clean it, it is difficult to create a comfortable feeling when driving.

Our Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle and hanging bag CLODEWASH is based on ClO2 gas production mechanism and uses this ClO2 gas to conduct odor removal, bactericidal, and air purification, no other odors remain.

Unlike scented products on the market today, Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle CLODEWASH absolutely does not use other scents to change the unpleasant odor.

  • With operation mechanism of ClO2 gas, you can avoid many viruses, bacteria, especially those with weak resistance or disease, children, the elderly and pregnant women.
  • With operation mechanism action of ClO2 gas, you can avoid the risk of spreading dangerous diseases from surrounding patients, especially respiratory diseases, influenza … without having to take many different drugs. Especially, you can limit the spread of diseases from the environment, objects around you when you contact the body, then, you can save on the cost of buying medicines and monthly medical bills, saving your time, you do not have to spend much time waiting for medical examinations at hospitals and clinics.

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