9:18 03/09/2020

Cancer patients, especially lung cancer, have a high risk of nCoV attack and severe development if they have Covid-19, so proactive prevention is required.

Dr. Pham Van Thai, Deputy Director of Center for Nuclear Medicine and Oncology, Bach Mai Hospital, said that people with underlying diseases often have a weakened immune system, if nCoV infection will not be able to suppress the development. The growth of the virus causes them to rapidly increase in number and cause damage to other organs. Patients who are undergoing cancer treatment or have just finished chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery … are more vulnerable to attacks.

Cancer patients infected with nCoV will affect the treatment course, the more severe the disease. The later stage cancer patient, the weaker the health, the weaker the immune system, the higher the risk of nCoV infection and progression.

Covid-19 causes a feverish cough, so cancer patients, especially lung cancer, are or have just received surgical treatment, are chemically … at risk of more serious clinical events.

“Therefore, strengthening the immune system, ensuring cancer patients recover from treatment and avoiding infectious sources during an outbreak is extremely important”, emphasized Thai doctor.

Doctors said that Covid-19 prophylactic methods for cancer patients are not much different from normal people. However, cancer patients should be careful and cautiously implement preventive measures as recommended by the Ministry of Health in a more thorough and strict way, such as always wearing a mask, regular hand sanitizer, and distance from people. around….

People with symptoms of fatigue, weight loss, other abnormal signs should actively go to the hospital to check for cancer, avoid the mentality of “shy translation” but ignore the golden moment.

Patients with unusual signs should notify the doctor immediately. If there are symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, go to the Covid-19 screening area of ​​the hospital.

Cancer patients who have stable treatment, have no abnormal signs, come to the follow-up visit schedule, can discuss with their doctor to schedule appropriate examination dates, provide drugs and reasonable follow-up appointments.

Doctors at the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Oncology, Bach Mai Hospital are taking a room, checking the patient’s health. Photo: The doctor provided

Hospitals screen Covid-19 with all medical staff, patients, and family members by dividing examination, isolating suspected infection, daily temperature measurement … Controlling infection, avoiding cross-contamination in the hospital, especially in the patient group.


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