12:00 | 02/08/2020

From August 1-2, the Vietnam Embassy in France cooperated with Vietnamese representative offices in Europe and Africa, domestic authorities, Vietnam National Airlines and other related to France organized flights to bring back nearly 280 Vietnamese citizens from 24 countries in Europe and Africa.

Citizens check in at counters of Vietnam Airlines National Airlines.

Passengers on the flight include children under the age of 18, the elderly, people with background illnesses, students who have completed a course with difficulty in accommodation, travelers, short-term work, employees out of term of visa and labor contract

In order to successfully organize the flight, Vietnamese representative agencies in Europe and Africa have guided citizens the necessary procedures, coordinated with local authorities to create favorable conditions for citizens. during the transfer to the airport in Paris.

The Vietnamese Embassy in France also sends staff to the airport to directly assist citizens in completing procedures before boarding the plane to return home.

Airlines have strictly implemented measures of security, safety and hygiene epidemiology during the flight.

During the flight, passengers and the entire flight crew strictly abide by the regulations on disease prevention and control and epidemiological hygiene. All passengers were also quarantined and examined according to regulations when the plane landed at Van Don airport.

In the coming time, bringing citizens with extremely difficult circumstances to return home will be arranged according to citizens’ wishes, suitable to the epidemic situation and the capacity of domestic isolation.

Source: https://baoquocte.vn/dich-covid-19-dua-gan-280-cong-dan-viet-nam-tu-chau-au-va-chau-phi-ve-nuoc-120698.html

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