• Jasa-Center for Studying Abroad in Vinh City (Nghe An).

Jasa Japanese Language Center, located at 116 Pham Dinh Toai, Vinh City, Nghe An is a large-scale professional Japanese language training center in Central Vietnam today,One of the pioneering centers that connects cultural characteristics and values ​​of language into learning and life.

With a rich system of training programs, not only focusing on the quality and effectiveness of teaching, the center also opens many study promotion programs for pupils and students who overcome difficulties, create conditions for you to learn and interact with a modern and professional education environment.

Jasa Japanese Language Center with an area of ​​nearly 1000 square meters, spacious infrastructure, modern equipment (air conditioning, television, loudspeaker …), cleaning the classroom inside and outside clean.

Contributing to Jasa’s classroom cleaning system, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company cooperated to provide Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH to the center. All teachers and students are wearing Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant cards- CLODEWASH, with a Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle- CLODEWASH 50ml on the side.

  • People’s Committee of Hoang Mai Town, Department of Education and Training Hoang Mai Town.

In addition, administrative and office agencies in Hoang Mai Town such as People’s Committee. The Department of Education and Training also pays great attention to ensuring a clean working environment for employees in the Commission Office and the Office of Education. Being trusted by the People’s Committee and the Department of Education & Training. Each employee wears a Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant card- CLODEWASH, and a a Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant spray bottle- CLODEWASH 50m on the body, and each employee also equips a Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant hanging bag CLODEWASH on cars of to ensure clean air on cars.

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