In hospitals, the air environment is very susceptible to pollution if not cleaned carefully and regularly. This can cause harm to the sick, even loved ones or doctors.Some harmful effects of air pollution in hospitals include: increases mortality, lengthens hospital stay, increases antibiotic use and increases treatment costs – known as hospital infections. In fact, in Vietnam there exist many long-term hospitals, the problem of air pollution is not really guaranteed, the regulations on clean rooms in the hospital do not have any common standards.

Understanding this situation, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company has been producing a variety of Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products  CLODEWASH, that are trusted by big hospitals such as:

  • Quang Khoi General Hospital.

Quang Khoi Hospital is the largest private hospital in Hoang Mai Town with quality medical services for patients. With the slogan “With all my heart” the hospital has been gradually improving the quality to better serve patients and with the mind of patient trust is the foundation for the hospital to develop and improve service quality. In addition to a team of highly skilled doctors and modern equipment, Quang Khoi Hospital focuses not only on patient care but also on the health of the employees working in the hospital as well as their family members, relatives of patients.

Based on that desire, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company introduced and cooperated with Quang Khoi Hospital, put Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH to use, placed in many areas, areas prone to the transmission of diseases that the human eye cannot perceive. For example, the lobby area, the pharmacy, the patient room …



It is often widely recommended that masks be worn when in contact with an infected person and to wash their hands after contact, so most of us think it is safe enough. But in fact, measures such as wearing a mask or washing your hands are not effective because viruses and bacteria have not been destroyed but still exist around us.

  • Hospital of Leprosy – Dermatology Central Quynh Lap.

After many times of changing the name from ” Quynh Lap Leprosy Camp” to Quynh Lap Leprosy Treatment Area, Leprosy Quynh Lap Hospital and now Hospital of Leprosy – Dermatology  Central Quynh Lap.

Currently the hospital has 2 branches:

*Branch 1, located in Quynh Lap commune, is treating and nourishing concentratedly for nearly 200 patients, from feeding, bathing, washing hair, washing hair to medicine. when the sick people get sick, they get comprehensive, caring, attentive care … by the hospital’s medical staff.

* Branch 2 is located in Quynh Thien Ward, Hoang Mai town, Nghe An province.

The hospital is located next to National Highway 1A, you in Nghe An province and Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province, when coming here, are surprised with a spacious infrastructure, the departments of reception and treatment. Delicately arranged, the staff of doctors, nurses, technicians and the reception department guide the people to the patients with courteous and courteous treatment.

The environment in the hospital is very clean, cool, the feeling of patients and guests coming here is like stepping into a 3-star hotel, walls, corridors, walkways, patient rooms are hard working day by day with a team of nurses and nurses, cleaning and tidying up.

Cooperating to contribute to the clean environment in the hospital, Vietnam Envroy Joint Stock Company introduced and introduced Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH to use.

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