10:00 | 02/08/2020

On July 29-30, Vietnamese authorities, Vietnamese representations in the United States and Vietnam Airlines cooperated with US authorities to bring nearly 300 employees. Vietnamese people returned to safe country from San Francisco international airport, USA and Narita, Japan.

Nearly 300 Vietnamese citizens returned from the United States and Japan

Passengers on flights coming from many states in the United States and localities in Japan, including children / students under the age of 18, students who have completed the course (graduate) have difficulty in accommodation, do not can extend visas / residency status at home, workers have expired visas and employment contracts and other special difficult cases.

To help citizens complete the necessary procedures, the Vietnamese Consulate General in San Francisco, the United States and the Vietnamese Embassy in Japan sent officers directly to the airport to coordinate with the airline to assist assist citizens to complete the necessary procedures for boarding quickly and safely.

Passengers on the flight include children / students under 18 years of age, students who have completed the course (graduate) with accommodation difficulties, cannot renew visas / residency at home, and The employees have expired visas and labor contracts and other particularly difficult cases.

In order to ensure the health of citizens, prevent the spread of disease, the airline has strictly implemented measures on security, safety and epidemiological hygiene during the flight. Immediately after landing at Cam Ranh airport, the flight participants were under medical supervision and concentrated isolation in accordance with regulations.

Following the direction of the Prime Minister, in the coming time, on the basis of disease developments in the country and internationally, citizens’ desire for water and isolation capacity at localities and agencies In Vietnam, overseas Vietnamese representative missions and domestic airlines will continue to bring back the country’s citizens trapped by the pandemic.


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