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Baby practice coloring with CLODEWASH

The benefits of painting for kids:
1, Improve handwriting
Children need to have a firm and flexible hand to control crayons on paper when drawing. Holding the pen tightly, children will no longer hold the pen in the wrong way. Activities for children such as painting on paper, board will help them grasp writing tasks properly. This will improve your child’s handwriting.
2, Harmonious coordination between hands and eyes
Basic coordination skills like how to hold crayons, sharpen those pens and see what color to use appropriately can significantly help a child. Map coloring forces your child to fill in the predefined area. This helps to develop a harmonious combination between hands and eyes in children. It also helps increase awareness of the child, especially if you choose more difficult and complex drawings.
3, Entertaining and forging patience
From coloring, children can also learn persistence. Coloring also helps children relax and relax while unleashing their creativity on different artistic angles. Young children also color the shapes and shapes they like. This makes them feel like they have finished the job when they fold the filler book.
4, Concentration
Concentration is an important lesson your child can learn from coloring. And as kids get older, they’ll also realize how important the borders are in drawing paper. Breaking those lines apart will be of great help in learning to write.
5, Understanding
Coloring pictures can help children identify lines, composition, colors, tones, shapes, and patterns. As such, this assists the child in deciding which color will be used in the next pictures.
6, Self-confidence
Coloring also helps improve confidence for young children. Completing a drawing will make children feel that they have completed the job, thereby building up their self-esteem and confidence.
7, Motor skills
Holding a pencil to paint can increase motor skills in your child. Moving around in coloring and scribbling with a pencil can help make wrists, fingers and hands more flexible. Good motor skills not only help children in painting but also in many different subjects.
8, Stimulates creativity
Coloring will give your child an opportunity to show his creativity. A baby will create a new world in his imagination before drawing it on paper. So give them the color box and let them use it as they please. This will bring results that are higher than expected because it forces you to think about how to combine colors to produce a vivid and attractive product.
9, Assert yourself
Some children like to express themselves through words and actions while others express “me” through art. If a child draws confusing pictures like skulls, they need the intervention of their parents or doctors immediately. But if you paint the sun, heart or other bright and cheerful images, it shows that they are feeling happy or satisfied with everything around.
10, Color Recognition
Children are first exposed to color charts through crayons, crayons and markers. They begin to know the difference between blue, yellow, red, pink … Using different colors is also an opportunity for them to explore combinations of colors. This also only tells children about lesser known colors. Kids who learn about color palettes early will find it easier to understand than creating and mixing colors.
11,  Therapy
Coloring is proven to be a remedy for kids, especially if they do this often. They let go of their sorrow, frustration, and anger through painting.
12, Language Development
Coloring and simply talking about it gives your child the opportunity to learn new words and sentences. Children often use descriptive words to talk about their feelings when seeing different styles on a drawing paper. Then, they will color on the pages and doing this assists in the development of thinking ability in children.
And finally the most important thing, coloring will create conditions for parents to be closer to their baby in guiding, teaching, confiding and being closer to each other.
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