Most of us are familiar with the “hospital smell”.

Not only patients, their family members, the patients but also the doctors, nurses, officials and employees working in hospitals all feel the “hospital smell”.

In the hospital, the smell of chemicals, the disinfectant smell, bandages, especially the smell of medicine, … all blend into the atmosphere in the hospital.

  • Importance of hospital sanitation:

The hospital is considered a public space and is the place for regular medical examination and treatment activities.

Therefore, hospital hygiene always plays an important role and directly affects patients, hospitals and the whole community.

  • For patients:Clean environment contributes to shortening healing time of patients. In addition, regular hospital hygiene will create a safe environment for family visits to take care of patients.
  • For hospitals: Create a safe health care environment, limit the dangers of cross-infection in hospitals. In addition, clean hospital hygiene also ensures a safe working environment for medical staff, doctors and nurses in the hospital.
  • For the community:Ensure safety and minimize the possibility of spreading germs to the community. At the same time, clean hospital hygiene is a good habit to follow for the entire population.
  • Actual situation of hospital sanitation.

Although the role of sanitation is undeniable, in fact in many hospitals, this work has not been paid much attention, even considered to be at an alarming level and has many shortcomings.

  • Toilets, rooms / rooms have not been cleaned carefully: In some hospitals, the shortage of clean water, lack of sinks or specialized water sources often happens.Especially the common toilets, toilets of each room are still dirty, smelly … easily cause cross-infection as well as negatively affect the treatment process of patients.

  • The outside areas (corridors, waiting rooms, etc.) are still dirty: Many hospitals have not managed sanitation in common places such as lobbies, waiting rooms. Food scraps, medicine covers, small paper scraps … are scattered on the floor, in the corners of the staff who have not yet been cleared up. 
  • Sanitation is not conducted in a drastic and proper manner: While many hospitals have paid attention to sanitation, it is still at a basic level, there is no clear process to clean and optimize the time.
  •  Why choose Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH  in the hospital environment.

Based on the above research, we propose to useJapanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH to increase the quality of customer service, create maximum confidence for patients and staff in the hospital, and It also contributes to the development of Vietnam’s health sector.

Our Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH is based on ClO2 gas production mechanism and uses this ClO2 gas to conduct odor removal, bactericidal, and air purification, no other odors remain.Unlike scented products on the market today,Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant products CLODEWASH absolutely does not use other scents to change the unpleasant odor.

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