Car hygiene is a necessity and equally important because your car will be subjected to many factors that make it dirty and smell like the humid climate, the dust in your shoe cabinet. food, drinks, etc. Going on a “smelly” car is an uncomfortable experience for anyone.

Besides, it can bring potential risks to the health of users. Therefore, the deodorizing, sterilizing and cleaning the air in the car should be more focused.

Based on the above research, we propose to use Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant hanging bags CLODEWASH to increase customer service quality, create maximum confidence for the driver.

Unlike scented products on the market today, Japanese technology multifunctional deodorant hanging bags CLODEWASH absolutely does not use other scents to change the unpleasant odor.With the mechanism of action of ClO2 gas, you can avoid many viruses, bacteria, especially in a narrow space like cars when putting cloth bags hanging on cars, will help your family members or customers, when sitting in a car to enjoy the clean atmosphere, You, your family and your customers can avoid the risk of getting dangerous diseases from surrounding patients, especially respiratory diseases, influenza … when sitting with everyone in a car in a close way.

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