06:50 pm | 03/08/2020

The Steering Committee for COVID-19 epidemic prevention has just reported 21 more cases of COVID-19, including 15 cases in Da Nang, 6 cases in Quang Nam.

Specifically, cases from 622-627 (BN622-627) : patients in Quang Nam, aged 38-83, related to Da Nang Hospital include: 

3 cases were visitors at the Department of Kidney – Endocrinology, 1 case was a caregiver of BN524, 1 case was exposed to BN524, 1 case was a patient of Kidney – Endocrine Department.

Currently, these 6 patients have been isolated and treated at Quang Nam Central General Hospital.

Cases from 628-642 (BN 628-642) are cases in Da Nang, aged 20-78, of which 12 cases are F1 subjects (of BN456 is 5 cases, BN509: 2 cases, BN488: 2 cases, BN501: 1 case, BN510: 1 case, BN426 and BN430: 1 case); 2 cases were caregivers at Da Nang Hospital; 1 case in Hai Chau district, outpatient examination at Gia Dinh Hospital, Da Nang.

Thus, as of 18:00 on August 3, the country recorded 642 cases of COVID-19, of which 307 cases of imported infections were immediately isolated. The number of new cases related to Da Nang since July 25 until now is 195. 

The total number of people in close contact and entering from the epidemic area under medical monitoring (quarantine) was 103,268 cases.

According to the report of the National Steering Committee for the prevention and control of epidemic COVID-19, also today (August 3), BN397 (female, 58 years old) was announced cured at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Hai Duong. 

The number of first negative cases for SARS-CoV-2 was 9 cases. Number of 2nd negative cases or more for SARS-CoV-2 was 12 cases. The number of deaths was 6, all of which had serious underlying diseases. Number of cure is 374 cases.

Source: http://baochinhphu.vn/Suc-khoe/Chieu-38-ghi-nhan-21-ca-mac-moi-COVID19-tai-Quang-Nam-Da-Nang/402981.vgp

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